Sketch In Motion in The Big Entertainment Show

Sketch in Motion participates in The Big Entertainment Show in Dubai, held on 27th and 28th of November, 
in both Character Dubai, and My Content.

Sketch in Motion booth featuring the hit series “Al-Masageel” where it attracts lot of attention, and showed
the huge admiration for the series that’s been running on MBC channel on Ramadan, for two years now,
and the work is on for the Third season.

In another part of the show, My Content, our CEO Zaidoun Karadsheh, speaks at “What Makes an
Animated TV Series Pitch Successful” session, talking about the making of “Al-Masageel” and the

elements that’s put together the success of this show, and some future projects to be debuted
speaking among some of the best in the field.


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