How we do it ?
From concept to completion, SIM provides a seamless, in-house approach to entertainment and animation productions.

Concept and Scripting

Whether an in-house idea or a client’s brainchild, Sketch in Motion takes the initial conceptual idea and develops it through a unique creative process. Through brainstorming, the team dreams up creative ways to communicate the concept.


Sketch in Motion’s team leader, Moaiad Zaidoun, draws the concept and puts ideas to paper. He authors an initial ‘comic book’ version that serves as the blueprint for the action and dialogue.

Characters and Background Design

Based on the storyboard, the animation team creates inspirational characters, and crafts background sets to tell the story. Intricate details are put in place to create mood and stimulate the right look and feel.

Voice Recording

Our crew of actors and sound engineers work together, trying out different tone, voice and feel to match characters with appropriate sound. Improvisation is key as actors get into character and synchronize their reading with character and scene movements.

Animation Production

The story begins to take shape as it is converted to motion animated scenes that bring characters and settings to life.

Music and Sound Effect Production

Audio effects and original music are laid down with voice and a host of other in-house sound effect tools in the digital recording studio.

Video Editing

All the components of the project are passed to our Post-production Team, who stitches every detail together, telling the story. Every frame is scrutinized until the story is complete.

Post-production Review

After completing the editing phase, an evaluation process with the client and/or target audience is initiated to garner audience feedback. These results are researched and considered before a final edition is released.

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