Humor(noun): a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill has the power to evoke laughter, wit. 

The comic, the ordinary, the strange, serious or the surreal… Humor is found in the private, the social and even the political. However defined, humor always involves a good healthy laugh.

Sketch in Motion is dedicated to delivering meaningful messages with humor and laughter.  We recognize the ability to cross divides through laughter, utilizing its genuine universal experience. Sketch in Motion aspires to reach a wide audience range from adults, teenagers, and friends to couples and children of all ages through animation and cartooning products with witty content and stylish artwork, combined with meaningful messages.


Brief History

SKETCH IN MOTION was founded in 2007 as a company committed to bringing quality Arab animation to the global market.  Its founders saw the lack of quality cartoon animation in their local community and wanted to address the issue.  Without any external financing or technical support, Media Plus, a leading online media producer, partnered with two creative freelancers with outstanding animation talent, and by October of 2007 had their first series broadcast on Jordanian national TV featuring the famous Jordanian Comedian Mousa Hijazin.  “Shofit Ainak” (“See It with Your Own Eyes”) targeted Jordanian families, presenting political and community issues in a comedic and meaningful manner. “Shofit Ainak” was a hit at the local level and throughout the region.  It is still being viewed on YouTube, with one episode having over 200,000 views.  Sketch in Motion continues to produce short clips for Mousa through the ‘Takarub’ mobile content provider to this day. 

In the years since, SIM has achieved recognition and won awards for its contributions in the field. Sketch in Motion pioneers animation in the region, producing unique industry-leading content. Along with its strategic partner Media Plus, SIM produces industry-leading 2D animation delivered via the various mediums of broadcast TV, web, and mobile. 


The Team:

Combining design and animation expertise with skills from various disciplines, including architecture, graphic design and visual arts, Sketch in Motion began with a group of passionate creators dreaming to make a difference through animation.  Sketch in Motion produces computer-animated productions with unforgettable characters and heartwarming stories, always faithful to the core ideology of utilizing humor, animation and entertainment productions for communicating meaningful messages.   

The Sketch in Motion team never rests, constantly learning and incorporating new technologies.  3D animation and visual effects are also currently being pursued as SIM strives for continual improvement along new edges of technology.

Sketch in Motion is also an exclusive partner with Media Plus, the most acclaimed web development company in Jordan.  This partnership gives Sketch in Motion reach into the full gamut of multimedia and internet communication tools.  Together the two firms produce and launch unmatched content online and in new mobile platforms for diverse industries.



Moaiad Zaidan

Team Leader, Characters Creator and Animator/Director

Moaiad brings a diverse background to Sketch in Motion, being an animator, cartoonist and project manager.  His 15 years of experience has resulted in  an ability to effectively direct and manage creative projects in a wide range of styles from classic cartoon animation to modern innovative animation.  Moaiad has worked with numerous regionally and internationally acclaimed companies throughout his career. Moaiad directs all the creative processes and storyboarding and is the energy behind stories and concepts becoming digital reality.



Tamer Qarrain

Technical Director/Partner

Tamer brings 14 years of creative endeavor to the team. Mr. Qarrain is a digital media director and founding partner at the award-winning agency Media Plus. He has led the programming and animation creative team since it started in 2003. Tamer always seeks to integrate new, innovative ways of interactivity into projects and games. He is also the pre- and post-production manager, sound engineer and music composer at Sketch in Motion.  His vast professional experience is the result of working for a number of reputable multimedia production and business solution development companies. The past fourteen years have brought him experience as a certified Adobe Flash developer, web developer, game programmer and music composer. Mr. Qarrain has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.  He has also attended several advanced training courses inside and outside of Jordan, including 3D and 2D animation courses.


Zaidoun Karadsheh

Managing Director/Partner Sketch in Motion and Media Plus 

Zaidoun, an architect by training, is the spokesman and ambassador of cartooning and animation for Sketch in Motion.  He has invested his knowledge and skills in designing communication tools and Internet space in Jordan and neighboring regions. For over 8 years, he has led the award-winning multimedia and web development powerhouse Media Plus, serving hundreds of clients in Jordan and UAE, and is co-founder of Sketch in Motion. In addition to major traditional Internet projects, Zaidoun has served clients and agencies in the region by developing ground breaking animation, online campaigns and micro-sites. Zaidoun manages the communication channels for Sketch in Motion and is passionate about using animation as a communication medium. He is proud of the proven ability of Media Plus and Sketch In Motion teams to achieve results for their clients and break new ground in online marketing communications.


Nawal Adas

Nawal, an artist at heart, works as the team animation supervisor.  She has a degree and advanced qualifications in graphic and fine arts design, in addition to 8 years of animation experience working with other production companies.  Nawal’s attention to detail, creativity and artistic vision brings life to characters and ideas. Nawal animates from the heart, possessing a keen ability to live and breathe her characters and the story she tells.  This unique talent and her warm personality set her apart in the field and show through in her unmatched ability to bring characters to life.



Mirna Jadoun

A lawyer by training, Mirna has been putting her creative side to use in writing for Sketch in Motion radio and televisionmedia now going on nine years.  She has excelled in educational, entertainment, and awareness campaigns through cartoon dialogues, creative writing and radio spots.  She has earned recognition and certificates locally and regionally.


Animation Team

Consisting of a group of animation professionals, the animation team focuses on animating the concepts and digitized renditions of characters and scenes that form the structure of Sketch in Motions’s stories and cartoons.  Each of the animators has proven themselves with extensive technical knowledge of the latest animation tools, and creativity to match.  Each animator brings unique flavors to the work, though all share congruent training in the ‘Sketch in Motion Way.’


Sound Engineering team

Sound effects and voice recording are an essential part of the total experience of any animated piece.  Sketch in Motion sound team uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality sound tracks, music production and compositions that are tailored to each unique production.  Our studio facility is cutting-edge, giving us the ability to create and produce with technical excellence.


Video Post-production Team

Putting it all together, the post-production team takes sound and animation and matches pieces and parts until the whole story is weaved together.  Using various Hollywood quality production methods, the SIM post-production team brings everything together.


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